Hi Magic Canvas friends!

Welcome to our blog – we will be updating this with our new and upcoming events, along with fun facts, stories, and maybe (ok, not maybe…there WILL be) a little magic.

At The Magic Canvas, we are happy to provide our community with access to both art and magic for all ages! We wanted to make sure we could include everyone here at our studio, even our younger friends that may not be too interested in art yet. So we are happy to announce we will be offering FREE “Magical Story Time” on Saturday mornings for our friends 6 years of age and younger accompanied by their adult(s).

So what can you expect?

The stories we select are some of our favorites from when we were kids and always include a message of inclusion, embracing your differences, and other important lessons. Our Chief Artist in Residence (ChAIR), Tiffany, will be our host and will bring these tales to life with animated facial expressions, character voices, and a lot of energy! Tiffany is a public speaking award winner specifically in the “Storytelling” category, so this will be so much more than just reading a book! We want to bring these stories to life for our young friends, to have them engaged and entertained while learning the important lessons. To also assist in this, there will be a few themed magic effects with the stories, literally bringing the story off the page!

Tiffany personally chose our first story, The Popcorn Dragon, a favorite from her childhood about a little dragon named Dexter who couldn’t blow fire but learns to embrace his difference in a new way. Don’t worry if you get a craving for popcorn as we will have our popcorn maker going as well!

Magical Story Times will be limited to 6 friends under the age of six (plus their adults) at each session to comply with current restrictions and keep everyone safe. You can reserve your spot at themagiccanvas.com/magicalstorytime.

We look forward to seeing you there!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ―Albert Einstein