Wow The Magic Canvas has only been open for 4 months and we already have quite a few regulars! We wanted to do something special for them and other nearby art lovers and so Club TMC was created!


What is it?

 Club TMC is for our friends that have created or would like to create multiple pieces of FUN art (not FINE art) at The Magic Canvas! Instead of paying for each painting you would like to do, you pay a flat fee of $100 per month and get a package including: 

*Any 4 paint sessions on our website
*One Half Off Bring-A-Friend coupon

This means that for $100 you can come to any of our 4 paintings that month, at any interval you would like within the month. Regardless of if you want to do all four in one week or do one a week for the month – it’s totally up to you! You can also bring a friend with you to a session where they can use your “Bring A Friend” coupon and receive half off of their session.




Math is hard…how much of a savings is that? 

I agree, math is hard which is why I had Harry (the Employee of the Month for the last 2 months) do it for me. With Club TMC you will be saving over 35%, and also get some beautiful pieces of art that you painted too.







How do I sign up?

 You can click the “Club TMC” logo at the top of our website to become part of the club!