We’ve been very busy here at The Magic Canvas this week getting everything ready to welcome our friends to our magical studio!

When we first started putting our studio together, we had painted walls and that’s about it. That is definitely now no longer the case! Over the last week, we have painted two large blackboard murals – one in our main studio and the other in our secret Houdini’s Hideout room. Each are collaborations with our team here and you can see how each played their part. Some of us even overcame our fear of heights for our 8 foot high murals! Our shelves have been added to display not only our artwork, and original artwork by a very talented commissioned artist, but also a special section for a featured local artist each month!

We have quite a few characters here as well, besides our team of course. Our mascot Super Dali, a superhero rabbit with the power of creativity, has been added to our walls and will greet you as soon as you walk in. Our “bartender” Harry is keeping watch over all of the snacks and drinks we’ll offer. Luckily, since he’s a skeleton we don’t have to worry about any candy bars mysteriously disappearing. Speaking of snacks, our popcorn machine arrived too! We’ll have freshly popped popcorn available daily for our visitors!

Of course, we need something to paint on, so our tables arrived and we spent quite awhile arranging them to make sure every one is safely distanced while still maintaining an excellent view of our stage area. This part was a little easier because we also had our television screens mounted on either side of our stage for easy viewing right next to our “stage hands”.

“Houdini’s Hideout” for our kid’s parties is taking shape pretty quickly! Our second chalkboard mural resides there, but to see it you need to go through the secret door. We can’t wait to host Princess, Magic, and Art themed parties there along with our weekly Magical Story Time. It’s a perfect place for fun and magic!

We can’t wait to have everyone come join us where creativity meets – The Magic Canvas!